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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

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The plans are very similar, regarding general services. What differs is the volume of proposals that can be submitted by vendors per month (30-day cycle).


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Submitting a bid is very straightforward. Simply fill in the requested information associated with your bid request and click “Submit”.

Anyone who is registered on the site may submit bids. Plans can determine the number of bids allowed per month.

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Bid submittals can be completed within 5 minutes. The length of time it takes to submit a bid may be subject to the bidder’s preparation and speed of entry.

Not having enough information to submit a bid can be a common problem. Should this be the case, bidders can submit and RFI (or RFQ) to obtain the required information.

The UNSPSC or United Nations Standard Products and Services Code is a global category model for identifying products and services focusing on the different needs of businesses and consumers involved in buying and selling goods and services worldwide.

Wait for vendor responses

After a bid has been submitted and received by a vendor, responses can be received as quickly as 30-minutes, and with proposal being submitted within less than 24-hours.

Once a vendor response has been received, the consumer (buyer) can evaluate the response and if there are multiple vendor responses, the consumer (buyer) can compare their responses.

Review for vendor responses

Yes. All communications related to any specific bid is secure and protected for the safety of the consumer (buyer) and the vendor.

Select your vendor of choice

The process for vendor selection is based on the consumer (buyer) requirements. Such requirements may be motivated by cost, quality, speed of delivery or capacity. Whatever the need, our process will make your selection process simple.

Vendors have the option of submitting their contracts along with their responses and proposals. Consumers (buyers) may select to use the contracts submitted by the vendor or the consumer (buyer) may submit their own.

Contract with your vendor

The contract process is generally initiated by the vendor but may also be introduced by the consumer (buyer).

The time to complete a contract will be dependent on the simplicity and sincerity of the terms of the contract.

What is an RFI (Request for Information)

An RFI is primarily used to get information to help you better understand a service, product, or vendor. The goal of an RFI is to learn and is often followed up with either an RFQ or an RFP by the responding vendors who have shown that they can meet your needs.

What is an RFQ (Request for Quote)

An RFQ is a bid invitation for a vendor to give you a price for a specific service or product. The goal of an RFQ is to obtain pricing for products and/or services that can be compared against multiple vendors. They are often followed up with an RFP with the same participating vendors.

What is an RFP (Request for Proposal)

An RFQ is a bid invitation required for receiving detailed and comparable proposals from vendors. The goal of an RFP is to help the consumer (buyer) make an informed purchasing decision based on the vendor’s cost, quality, and speed of delivery. RFP usually follows an RFI or an RFQ, but if the consumer (buyer) is ready to “Get Started”, click here.

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