BidLock was established in 2020 as a way to leverage “competitive sourcing” practices for buyers to get the most value for their money. With the price of goods and services rapidly on the rise and the dollar losing value, buyers need a solution to save money, protect their purchases, and improve the quality of their purchases. Whether you are a college student, small business owner, state agency, or Fortune 500 company, BidLock is your one-stop shop for the best value.

The goal of BidLock is to improve and protect consumer spending while promoting their business growth. You may ask, how does BidLock promote business growth? It is not as cliché as the terms “supply and demand” or “demand and capacity” concepts. It is about supporting the buyer’s needs and the seller’s ability to deliver by facilitating COMPETITION and COMMITMENT.

We strive to use our business solution as a force for good for the economy by encouraging streamlined competition in the digital marketplace. Our portal is designed to connect buyers of products and services with high-quality sellers. Whether it’s sourcing from your mobile phone or laptop/PC, turn to BidLock for all your purchasing needs. As BidLock continues to develop, innovation will remain at the heart of everything we do. 


If you are familiar with the phrase “Let the Buyer Beware,” you will understand what drives the vision of BidLock.  The cost of everything you purchase continues to increase year over year, while incomes remain stagnated. It becomes harder for the everyday consumers to make ends meet, while your financial future becomes less certain. Sellers are also experiencing economic hardships due to economic challenges and the high cost of maintaining a business. Let BidLock Help You!

Our mission is to help the everyday consumer save on their purchases while helping small businesses grow. The foundation of our economy is strongest at the grassroots level and we at BidLock will work to serve you. Whether you are looking to purchase products or services, small or enormous, BidLock is the key to getting it done right. Register today as a buyer and begin your journey to incredible savings or register as a seller and greatly increase your potential to gain new customers with little to no risks.


BidLock specializes in the “Art of Safe Sourcing.” What sets us apart from other companies is our experience, vision, and attention to building a “Win-Win-Win” platform. This platform ensures that the buyer, seller, and partners experience our value first-hand.

We began our journey with the sellers in mind. Whether a sole proprietor or major conglomerate, sellers control the cost of goods and services while competing to survive within an aggressive market. The best sellers in the world are competitive and recognize that they must compete to show their value and gain new and loyal customers. Competition is the “nerve center” of any marketplace.

Our solution provides a full-service gateway for buyers and sellers to interact on both products and services. Our full-service model is the first and most secure purchasing process you will ever witness. As a buyer, companies will present you with products and services while making it painful if the product or service is unsatisfactory. As a vendor, companies may charge you excessive amounts of money for leads with no guarantees for greater opportunities or promising equitable results.

BidLock works to get buyers the best value for their money, ensure that qualified sellers have a fair opportunity to compete, and provide buyers and sellers with a platform to secure their transactions. The process is simple and will provide you with an exceptional purchasing experience.

BidLock is the future of Purchasing.” 


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